Spool holder practical test (M3D)



In this gallery you can see all spool holders I have tested so far on my Micro3D.

I will show here my opinion combined with the success of several spool holders.

I am only telling which spool holders were useful for me and gave me a successful printing result.

So I am not telling that other spool holders are bad, I was just maybe not lucky with using them. :-)



Official M3D spool holder:

This spool holder seamed to work fine for me, but had always the problem that the filament rubs at the M3D case.

This results in shifting prints and spaghetti. Only with the additional M3D filament guide I was able to print small items (stamp size) in good quality.

But printing large items made in my case the filament jamming and rubbing because the filament guide was not moving everytime smoothly with the print head.


Official M3D spool holder by M3D

Filament Guide by carlleewilson



3D printer filament spool holder:

After I had bought a 1kg roll of filament I thought it might be nice to print of the roll instead of cutting some windings from print to print.

This one was just a try and the 310m modell which I printed seamed to fit with my 3D Prima spool, but the spool was too wide.

So maybe the bearings were not able to unfold their full power. So the filament was not feeded fast enough for the print head.

This results in a printing to the air result.


3D printer filament spool holder by CWSpangler



Customizable spool holder:

So after many testings with some spool holders I found one spool holder which worked very well for me.

I printed the nessesary parts and cut a 12mm diameter wood rod for the frame.

I made taller version for hanging the 1kg windings on it with 2 spacers.

And I made smaller version for hanging the 250g windings including spool on the rod.

So have the possibility to change between both filaments without changing a lot.

Feeding the print head from above worked best for me, because it seams due to gravity the printer can easily pull the filament.


Customizable spool holder by evandepol



M3D filament holder:

This tool was very usefull with every test because the filament guided nice that piece and to bending of the filament happens.


M3D filament holder by Madss